Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Son

As you all know (most of yall anyway). Well, my son has been evaluated for ADHD. I went yesterday and got the results. He does have ADHD, but it does not end there at all. He could also be suffering a disorder of the Autism Spectrum. I have to make him an appointment to have that checked. It could be surgery related or it could be fixed without surgery. We are hoping without surgery. But since my son's eyes crosses when he is reading...well, he is not seeing the words that is in front of him....he is also seing other words...that is where his reading problem is coming in at. I am going to do research on that later on today.

He is doing good in know, he knows what the story is about, he just can't read it like he should be able too.

There is several issues that is causing his learning disability. One is his eyes, the other ones is due to his ear infections that he has had from 1 year old to 4 years old. Also, when he was four or five, a trailer gate fell on him and hit his, his brain might not be functioning fast enough due to that. He is also being tested for other things through speech therapy. It's not verbal speaking, but something dealing with non-verbal things. I don't

I am very emotional right now through all of this. I didn't expect my child to have to go through this problem with school. He is really smart when he comes to verbal things, but not non-verbal things.

Well, my aunt is expecting me for lunch. I will keep you all up to date on what all test results we get back. I will start making appointments on Monday....I have to see what my schedule at work is for next week.

He has three doctors that he has to see first:
His regular doctor for medicine for ADHD
Eye doctor for the autism spectrum
Speech Therapist for the non-verbal testing.

Please keep us all in your prayers, especially for my son. He is going to have a lot to go through and please pray that it does not come down to surgery.

Have a nice day. not letting me put pictures in right now...due to maintence on free aol. Have a nice day.



Missie said...

I see you're a follower on my blog! Nice to meet you. I've added myself to yours. I know how worried you are over all the stuff going on with your son. I've been thru a wirlwind of stuff with not only my son but my daughter too. Both went thru some very serious health problems. I could write a book. You know what though, a a mom, you put your big girl pants on and you deal with it, cause that's what us moms do! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

bookncoffee said...

I hope all the tests come out ok for your son. Big hugs to you with all this going on. I know it's unsettling. We worry about our kiddo's. My daughter is 15 and having some headaches and dizziness and she keeps me worried.


im sorry to here about al this with dakota, audie. i will be praying for yall.

Lisa said...

My son seems to learn at his own pace too. But he is smart as a whip so I try not to worry about it but my Aaron just learns more slowly than other kids. I think he has an avid imagination and what he does study he studies very thoroughly which is a good sign. I am so sorry to hear about that accident with the tail gate and those ear infections and so forth. Nick had a lot of those as a baby. I will keep your son in my prayers. Sounds like he is doing well and that the Lord is protecting him and helping him. You are doing great and getting him all the prayers and help he needs and that is the best thing of all! We moms love our kids even if anything is wrong with them and that love will pull him through. You are a good mom!!!!