Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Good Morning everyone. I am sorry that I have not been writing lately, but things has been so busy for me. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Alot has happened since I was last here. First of all, I would like to say that I got promoted on my job to one of the assistant managers at work. All of this took place around the first of December. Work was something through Christmas...we was so busy that I didn't have time to do anything at all. I was lucky to get one day off of work to spend with my family. Well, on Christmas Day we went to my step-daughters and her family's house. Well on the way there, we was to stop and meet my oldest step-son, because they just left to head back to Hattiesburg, MS. Well, we met, but he had more people with him too...his natural mother's dad and brother. Well, when we got ready to go, My step-son had already left, and we was fixing to and the my step-son's grandfather's truck wouldn't we stayed there about two hours trying to get his truck, going....well, we ended up having to take them to my step-daughter's house.....come to find out my step-kids biological mother lives right across the street from my step-daughter. Well, my Christmas was ruined by that. My step-daughter husband already told the mother that the day was for fathers, so she needed to get back to her own house. She thought she was going to come over there and ruin our Christmas...which she did mine, because I was so ready to come back home. Thank God I had to work the next day....or we would have had to stay the night. I do not feel comfortable for us being around my husband's ex-girlfriend/the mother of his three oldest kids. We finally left and I am not sure if I want to go back or to visit, as long as the mother is involved.

Day after Christmas, we had to go to Laurel, to take my youngest step-son back. Well, that morning I got up feeling sick....I had to work that day from 12-closing. On our way back from Laurel, that I got so sick, that I had to call in and tell them that I was sick. I came home and stayed in bed rest of the day and night. My kids had that virus the first week they got out of school for the holidays and then my husband got it....and I had the double dose of it. Not fun at all.

Our New Years Eve went well. Every year we bring in the New Year at our church. We have a bomb fire, roasting hotdogs, marshmallows, grilled hamburgers and sausage. Some good music, hayrides and alot of other stuff. It is fun. There was not as many people at this one like it was when we was bringing in 2008. Oh well, 2009 is here and so far it is going great for us. I just hope it is alot better than what 2008 was.

Well, I am going to have to close here. I am off today, and I am suppose to be going with a friend today to the mall and other places.....a girl's day out while kids are in school. I am going to try to catch up on some journal entries tonight. I have missed reading all of your journals. Since things has calmed down, I am hoping to be here more now and posting a lot more.

Sorry for my absence!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

What A Week!

What a week this has been. It all started last Thursday actually. Last Thursday night, I started getting sick with a, I took medicine for it and Friday Morning, I got up and I didn't feel the best, but I did feel better. I went to work Friday and I started feeling bad boss could tell. She just told me to work at a slow pace, not to be in a hurry to get anything done. I finally got that day over with. It was my weekend to work (we get every other weekend off). Well, I got up with a headache Saturday Morning....I could not move my head. I cried everytime I did. I ended up going to the Emergency Room instead of work Saturday Morning. The stupid doctor there just told me that I had a real bad cold. He did not listen to my lungs at all....the way, I was was more than just a cold. Well, let blood pressure was 155/105. I ended up getting three shots that morning. He put me on Zyrtec D and Flonase. And told me to stay out of work til Monday. Well, that went my weekend to work. I get a phone call on Monday, from my manager asking if I was feeling better. Of course, the answer was NO. Well, I had to go in to work anyway. The Assistant Manager was sick, she couldn't come in (BTW, she has been out all week and she has had 3 shots). Since, Monday was our truck day, both cashiers or both managers had to be there. It was left up to me to come in that day. I went in, I was sick, and she could tell...she apologized the whole day. Well, she was going to let me go as soon as they got the truck unloaded. Well, guess what....the truck got there late. I ended up staying there until closing. She did the schedule and finally we are starting to get 40 hours a week. She asked, if I could work all week. With the Assistant Manager being out sick, I said sure...I will work. I have been sick every day this week, I have worked every day this week. I was suppose to go in at 11:30am today and work til closing...well, now the manager is sick, she is going to the doctor today and the assistant manager is working and she is still sick real bad. I am feeling some better today, but I still got a real bad cough. Oh yes, I took my son to his follow-up check up yesterday...his doctor wanted to give me a shot. I told her that I could not take no shot today, because I had to work. I am off Friday and that if I still feel bad like I have all week, I will come then and get another shot. I also told her what the doctor told me Saturday.....she told me, that it is bronchitis, because she can tell how I was coughing and spitting up the junk. She was so mad at that doctor in the ER. Anyway, I guess I need to get off of here and start getting ready for work. Thank God, I am off tomorrow. It has been a rough week for me.

Update on my son....he is doing much better in school. His doctor did upgrade his Adderall to 10mg. He will start it this weekend, because she wanted us to watch him again real closely incase he had a side effect with that dosage amount.

I have some really Good News that I want to share with you all, but I don't have time to do it, in this entry...but I will try to write it tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great News!!!! I am so Relieved

I hope that I am not boring everyone about talking about my son. You just don't know (well, some of you do), but my son is 9 years old. He is suppose to be the fourth grade, but instead he is in the second grade. He failed one year in kindergarten, one year in first grade. I thought it was just his ears, because he have had so many ear infections since he was a baby. Three set of tubes in his ears from ages 1-4. He even came close to losing his hearing through all of of this time. But just recently I found out that he had other problems which was affecting him on his learning, because he kept losing concentration. Well, as you all know he is on medicine for that now. And here is the report that I got from his teacher, concerning Monday and Tuesday.

Monday: Dakota did okay in class today. He did seem to be a little more attentative than usual. He volunteered to go to the board and answer some bell work questions, which he knew the right answer so that always helps build confidence. I do not see any side effects from the meds.

Tuesday: Dakota has done well today. He was very interested in reading AR books today. He has a friend in class that likes to read to him and with him. He took 5 AR tests today and made all 100's. I bragged on him and told him how excited I was for him, that he was doing GREAT! Meds have not seemed to have any bad side affects at all. He has not complained of stomach hurting or been sleepy in class. Hyperactivity as seemed to calm down a little to.

That was the note that I received yesterday. This is what I have witnessed here at home. Monday, I got home from work around 8:15pm. He was sitting on the couch watching tv, and when I came through the door, he had to show me his homework right away. He had it all written so neat...usually it is all sloppy, he showed me his math sheet...dealing with calendars. He was ready to get right on to studying Spelling Words. I was eating and calling out spelling words. He got them all right.

Yesterday, he got off of the bus at home. I got off at 1pm, so I was here. When he stepped off of the bus, he was reading a book. I could never get him to sit down and read a book.....he was just not interested in it. Well, he came inside and was reading the book while I got their homework layed out and then he did his homework, and then after that was done. I schemed through the book, the part he had already read...and I asked him to tell me about it, then I would ask him questions about the book, about what he was reading. He did really good.

It was hard for me, when I found out that he needed to be put on medicine, but it is working wonderful. I have prayed about it, I have gotten so many advice from you all, including from another group that I am all have been so wonderful. I have even researched everything. I am really glad to see him calming down and wanting to read and do homework. I am so relieved.

This is our secret, he does not know about this, but for Christmas....he is getting the Hooked on Phonics reading program. They have it at Walmart for $50.00. I really believe it will help him too. I am aiming to more of learning things this year. I do every year, but they get alot of toys too...but I think learning games, things like that will help him also.

Well, I am going to end here. I am suppose to be cleaning house today, and I have not felt like doing anything. I am getting this sinus mess that is going on. My throat is really sore, so I hope that I am not getting my daughter's strep throat either. I will talk to you all later. I am going to go and read some of your journals, and then start cleaning some around noon. I am wanting to start working on Christmas things that I make out of Plastic Canvas. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

I have a request. If you all have any Christmas Tags or Blinkies, please share with me. Besides ThanksGiving Christmas is my favorite holiday. I am ready to start collecting Christmas.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Update On My Son

Hello everyone. I know that I am writing alot about my son. Well, here is another update for you. My son was put on Adderall for his ADHD. I got the prescription this past Wednesday, but I did not start him on it until yesterday. I waited until then just in case he had an Allergic reaction to it. Thank God, that did not happen. This was his second day taking...I thought he was going to give me problems about taking it because they are capsules, but he is doing a great job taking it. I am praying that he will start doing well in school now. I noticed a little difference in him this morning during Sunday School. I am usually having to stay own to him, because he does not want to listen or do the activites. Well, this morning, I read a bible story to them and asked questions and he was answering them. Also, he has not been real big on coloring...well, this morning he started coloring and it wasn't sloppy like it usually is...he was coloring real neat. I was watching him do that. Does medicine like that kick in that fast? It has been two days....I am anxious to see how his school work is going to be like. He made good grades on his last Friday's Test, but he was not on the medicine then. I am hoping his grades will keep improving.

Well, Friday I ended up taking both of my children to the doctor. My daughter was complaining with her ears hurting. Well come to find out it was her throat that was causing her ears to hurt...yep, she was getting strep throat. The doctor told me that I did the right thing about bringing her on to the doctor. Because if I would have waited until Monday..that she would have been sicker with it. She is on an antibiotic for that, and zyrtec for her allergies. My son had swollen glands. He is also on an antiobiotic and zyrtec for allergies. So, he is on three medicines a day now. He takes the antibiotic twice a day. The other once a day.

Anyway, that is the update. I am doing okay. My nerves are finally starting to get better. Just keep us all in your prayers. I appreciate all of the success stories and advices that everyone has given to me. It was my decision to have my son put on that medicine, but I see that it seems to be helping him, so I am glad that he is taking it. His actual doses will be Monday-Friday. I only started him on it Saturday, so I could watch him, because I wouldn't be able to watch him at school. Everything is good.

I need to close here. Tonight is church and I am having to go to town to pick up some things before church. I will be writing again soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Thank You Note

Not really sure what I want to write about today. All I know I wanted to stop in and write I have read my comments that all you have left for me and I want to say Thank You all for the kind words you all left. You are all of my online Friends and you all are some great people.

I am going to try to answer some questions that was asked and also comment on some things. I think all of us are great moms, we all have our problems with our kids. We do have to be strong around our kids....that is one of the reasons after everything my son has been through, he never seen me cry. I would cry when he was in school, when he went to bed at night....I never let him see me cry over this.

I got his medicine filled yesterday on my lunch break. I am going to start him on it Saturday, that way I can watch him closely this weekend with the medicine incase he has a reaction to it. I didn't want him to be at school and have a reaction to know. Well, I showed him the medicine last night and told him that this was going to help him concentrate in school. I also told him that we was going to study extra harder and that I had faith in him that he can do better in school. I told him that God healed his eyes....and know that God will see him through school. He is getting extra help at school and he is getting extra help at home. Also, my cousin is a High School Teacher, and she is going to get him a couple of days after school and they are going to be working together also. I pray that my son's next progress report will be a great one! I have Faith in him and God that it will be. Thanks for all of the prayers and support. It is greatly appreciated.

Shay you was asking about work. At Family Dollar, you have to do it the register and stock. Because usually it is just one cashier and, with it being just two of us working, you will have to do all of it. It is an easy job...and I am loving it. When I have been their long enough, I have been asked to be the Assistant Manager...which I still have a few months before that and it gives me time to get Dakota straighten out also. Also, you will have to have a flexible schedule or they will not hire you. You will have to be able to work days, nights, weekends (including Sunday) and holidays. If you are interested we are taking applications....go to

Well, I need to get off of here and read some of yall's blogs and then do some research on my son's medicine before I start giving it to him on Saturday.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update On My Son

The past couple of days has been really busy for me. Yesterday, I had to take the report from the doctor that did my son evaluation for his ADHD, to the school yesterday. Came to find out that clinic did not facts them the report. I was really feeling bad yesterday and then the school called me and was asking about the what that doctor diagnosed. I asked, the assistant principal if they received that fax....she wasn't sure about it. Well, I told her that I would bring it to her, so she could make a copy of it. So, I did that...well, before I left to go there, I called and made my son the appointment with the doctor, the one that I have been putting off and putting off, just didn't want to have my son put on know. Well, I made the call, and they told me to bring him in at 3:20pm. Well, I stayed around town until it was time to go and pick the kids up from school, so I could take him to the doctor. My son kept asking me why I was checking them out of school...I told him that he had a doctor appointment. He got scared, thinking they was going to give him a shot. I told him no Well anyway, the doctor didn't do anything yesterday...she wanted him to see his eye doctor, which that appointment was already scheduled for today and then come back to her.

Well, last night...we had Special Prayer for him at church. My pastor and his wife (My Aunt & Uncle), I have talked to them about it. I have prayed about it. So, I just decided to ask my pastor/Uncle if he would have special prayer for him. We did, and this morning, we got a very good report on his eyes. Here was the problem...he has been suffering from Augtism Spectrum....if anyone don't know what that you go. Augtism Spectrum is when you see one color....say a light green....when he looked at a color...then he was seeing all the shades of was confusing him. Usually, the eye doctor can fix it without surgery, but in some cases it involves surgery. Well, Thank God....he does not have no sign of it....his eyes are not crossing anymore and he is read two rows of letters down from where he was in August. His eyes are fine. He does wear glasses at school and that was to fix his eyes from crossing like they was. When he reads up close, they still cross...just a hair, but not really bad.

He went back to the doctor next....she wrote him out a prescription for Adderall. It is a low mg. It is to help with his concentration on school. He takes it every morning, before school. Monday-Friday Only....No Weekends, No Holidays, No Summers....just while in school. He goes back in two weeks to see if there is any improvement. She said, that he is not over active, for his is his concentration that is bothering him. Just keep him in your prayers.

I would like to say thank you for all of the advice/success storiesthat you all have shared with me. I was fighting a battle over this. My husband kept saying no medicine, that he didn't want him on medicine. Neither do I...but he needs help and if medicine is what it takes to get him help, then that is how it has to be. I have read so many stories, I have talked to so many people, and including the doctor said this....I know you don't want him on medicine, but think of it this way....if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you are going to take the medicine. If you are diagnosed with are going to take the medicine. After reading these, after talking to people, after crying and praying to God every single day, every since we have learned about this...I feel like the meds will help him. Once again...Thank you all so much...yall have been wonderful, very supportive and thanks for being my online support team.

It is time to go to work now. Please don't let the prayers stop here. He has to go through one more test and that is will take about 4 hours to do this test. It is not over yet...but hopefully this medicine will help him improve on that area also.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Son

As you all know (most of yall anyway). Well, my son has been evaluated for ADHD. I went yesterday and got the results. He does have ADHD, but it does not end there at all. He could also be suffering a disorder of the Autism Spectrum. I have to make him an appointment to have that checked. It could be surgery related or it could be fixed without surgery. We are hoping without surgery. But since my son's eyes crosses when he is reading...well, he is not seeing the words that is in front of him....he is also seing other words...that is where his reading problem is coming in at. I am going to do research on that later on today.

He is doing good in know, he knows what the story is about, he just can't read it like he should be able too.

There is several issues that is causing his learning disability. One is his eyes, the other ones is due to his ear infections that he has had from 1 year old to 4 years old. Also, when he was four or five, a trailer gate fell on him and hit his, his brain might not be functioning fast enough due to that. He is also being tested for other things through speech therapy. It's not verbal speaking, but something dealing with non-verbal things. I don't

I am very emotional right now through all of this. I didn't expect my child to have to go through this problem with school. He is really smart when he comes to verbal things, but not non-verbal things.

Well, my aunt is expecting me for lunch. I will keep you all up to date on what all test results we get back. I will start making appointments on Monday....I have to see what my schedule at work is for next week.

He has three doctors that he has to see first:
His regular doctor for medicine for ADHD
Eye doctor for the autism spectrum
Speech Therapist for the non-verbal testing.

Please keep us all in your prayers, especially for my son. He is going to have a lot to go through and please pray that it does not come down to surgery.

Have a nice day. not letting me put pictures in right now...due to maintence on free aol. Have a nice day.