Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Update On My Son

Hello everyone. I know that I am writing alot about my son. Well, here is another update for you. My son was put on Adderall for his ADHD. I got the prescription this past Wednesday, but I did not start him on it until yesterday. I waited until then just in case he had an Allergic reaction to it. Thank God, that did not happen. This was his second day taking...I thought he was going to give me problems about taking it because they are capsules, but he is doing a great job taking it. I am praying that he will start doing well in school now. I noticed a little difference in him this morning during Sunday School. I am usually having to stay own to him, because he does not want to listen or do the activites. Well, this morning, I read a bible story to them and asked questions and he was answering them. Also, he has not been real big on coloring...well, this morning he started coloring and it wasn't sloppy like it usually is...he was coloring real neat. I was watching him do that. Does medicine like that kick in that fast? It has been two days....I am anxious to see how his school work is going to be like. He made good grades on his last Friday's Test, but he was not on the medicine then. I am hoping his grades will keep improving.

Well, Friday I ended up taking both of my children to the doctor. My daughter was complaining with her ears hurting. Well come to find out it was her throat that was causing her ears to hurt...yep, she was getting strep throat. The doctor told me that I did the right thing about bringing her on to the doctor. Because if I would have waited until Monday..that she would have been sicker with it. She is on an antibiotic for that, and zyrtec for her allergies. My son had swollen glands. He is also on an antiobiotic and zyrtec for allergies. So, he is on three medicines a day now. He takes the antibiotic twice a day. The other once a day.

Anyway, that is the update. I am doing okay. My nerves are finally starting to get better. Just keep us all in your prayers. I appreciate all of the success stories and advices that everyone has given to me. It was my decision to have my son put on that medicine, but I see that it seems to be helping him, so I am glad that he is taking it. His actual doses will be Monday-Friday. I only started him on it Saturday, so I could watch him, because I wouldn't be able to watch him at school. Everything is good.

I need to close here. Tonight is church and I am having to go to town to pick up some things before church. I will be writing again soon.

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Missie said...

I'm glad you see an improvement in your son already! Hope the kids feel better soon.