Thursday, November 13, 2008

What A Week!

What a week this has been. It all started last Thursday actually. Last Thursday night, I started getting sick with a, I took medicine for it and Friday Morning, I got up and I didn't feel the best, but I did feel better. I went to work Friday and I started feeling bad boss could tell. She just told me to work at a slow pace, not to be in a hurry to get anything done. I finally got that day over with. It was my weekend to work (we get every other weekend off). Well, I got up with a headache Saturday Morning....I could not move my head. I cried everytime I did. I ended up going to the Emergency Room instead of work Saturday Morning. The stupid doctor there just told me that I had a real bad cold. He did not listen to my lungs at all....the way, I was was more than just a cold. Well, let blood pressure was 155/105. I ended up getting three shots that morning. He put me on Zyrtec D and Flonase. And told me to stay out of work til Monday. Well, that went my weekend to work. I get a phone call on Monday, from my manager asking if I was feeling better. Of course, the answer was NO. Well, I had to go in to work anyway. The Assistant Manager was sick, she couldn't come in (BTW, she has been out all week and she has had 3 shots). Since, Monday was our truck day, both cashiers or both managers had to be there. It was left up to me to come in that day. I went in, I was sick, and she could tell...she apologized the whole day. Well, she was going to let me go as soon as they got the truck unloaded. Well, guess what....the truck got there late. I ended up staying there until closing. She did the schedule and finally we are starting to get 40 hours a week. She asked, if I could work all week. With the Assistant Manager being out sick, I said sure...I will work. I have been sick every day this week, I have worked every day this week. I was suppose to go in at 11:30am today and work til closing...well, now the manager is sick, she is going to the doctor today and the assistant manager is working and she is still sick real bad. I am feeling some better today, but I still got a real bad cough. Oh yes, I took my son to his follow-up check up yesterday...his doctor wanted to give me a shot. I told her that I could not take no shot today, because I had to work. I am off Friday and that if I still feel bad like I have all week, I will come then and get another shot. I also told her what the doctor told me Saturday.....she told me, that it is bronchitis, because she can tell how I was coughing and spitting up the junk. She was so mad at that doctor in the ER. Anyway, I guess I need to get off of here and start getting ready for work. Thank God, I am off tomorrow. It has been a rough week for me.

Update on my son....he is doing much better in school. His doctor did upgrade his Adderall to 10mg. He will start it this weekend, because she wanted us to watch him again real closely incase he had a side effect with that dosage amount.

I have some really Good News that I want to share with you all, but I don't have time to do it, in this entry...but I will try to write it tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Sonya said...

Oh wonder what the good news is. Sorry you have been sick. Sounds like everyone has been passing it around.
Feel better soon.